Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dissections In Logic Stage Life Science

Clam Dissection

What would you do on a beautiful day in January?  We went into the back yard & dissected an earthworm, clam and sea star. We're working Unit 3 called Invertebrates of the Elemental Science Logic Stage Life Science curriculum.   It's a Saturday & the Daddy could read the directions while Mom sliced open the earthworm or held open the sea star. Daddy also took on the opening of a clam which we don't have on the farm where Mom grew up in Iowa.  G#1 reflected upon eating clams or mussels before.
Sea Star Dissection

There were few directions for this exercise. G#3 enjoyed trying the forceps to touch the
Echinoderm, but G#2 continued to look on as she was still relishing the fact there was little formaldehyde smell involved while dissecting outside. 
Earthworm Dissection

I remember this dissection from seventh grade and was not afraid to start cutting into the
annelid from the kit.  The Daddy decided that after reading the clear and concisely written instructions to the dissection, he would examine the digestive system of the worm himself. 

There will be more dissections, but those will have to wait for another warm day in the sunshine at the back of the house.  Next, we examine coral and cnidarians in week 13 of Logic Stage Life Science.

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