Friday, March 23, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

It's spring and difficult to focus on school. AWANA Games came along to rescue us this week. All three Gs are busy each evening this week preparing for all the physical competition involved.  A big thank you to their adult team leaders as I praise God for them everyday. What wonderful examples for my kids to see.

Otherwise, we commenced with Bible study, math, spelling (G#1 nailed his pretest and put away spelling for the week), grammar, history (boys on gladiators and girl on Punic Wars), science (reptiles), flags (North AND South Korea), habitat and band practice.  We listened to the second chapter of Famous Men of Rome and reviewed the SOTW Ch23 Greek and roman mythology names. 

Primer was applied to the garage door and the Daddy traveled to the left coast for work.  I got to the Goodwill donation center with 3 large trash bags of stuff that needed to go (PURGED). It doesn't seem like we just had a two week break. Maybe the end of our school year will sneak up on us, and we'll be done with 5th and 4th grades!

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Discovering Montessori said...

Oh! We started to learn about Roman&Greek Mythology this week. I am going to go check out the link. Sounds like a fun but relaxful school week. Thaank you for sharing.

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