Thursday, March 8, 2012


G#3 says that he'd prefer a stay-cation instead of trying to get on the plane. But, he's not complaining as he plays with his sister and cousin in Salt Lake City today under Gramma and Papa's guidance. 

G#1 is happy enough to stay-cate at home as he reviews the Star Wars Episode One and keeps up on his yoga with the Wii today. He also started to read The Bronze Bow today after he finished learning about events which take place a little later in history with the Roman Mysteries

I'm reading a book along with the daddy for a source of discussion about something besides kids, work and life. Live From Jordan is proving to give us something to discuss that we have in common.  Something to read while we commence our travel tomorrow is helpful also, because we never know how long we'll be in the airport waiting for seats to open up on a plane. 

But for now, no school work is being done.

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