Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elemental Science Prep for this Fall

Highlighters & underlines with sticky notes a plenty. Yes, this means the KSE & UISE will have marks in the book if I ever resell. But, my kids won't be able to say they can't find the definitions to terms or what to outline on the page when they look at all the aids I'm plugging in.  I will slowly decrease the amount of these aids as I move through preparation of the books for this fall, but last year I gave them Paige's discussion questions as well as her definition of vocabulary terms from the start.  They had to find their own answers to the discussion questions, but I helped them go over the answers before they were allowed to put the notebook page in their science binders each week.  This was done in order to straighten out the misunderstandings and lack of detail from each page covered.  This year, they will slowly be outlining instead of answering discussion questions (which are really part of the outline anyway) and deciphering from the KSE and UISE what each definition for vocabulary terms should be before they come to me to go over the material.  The life of 5th and 6th graders around here just got more challenging, but I know they will handle it BRILLIANTLY. 

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