Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Grammar Practice

 And besides the fact that the marker is green, he used dry erase on a sheet protector to do grammar instead of marking on the paper.  We will use this Rod and Staff page again in a few days when his sister does this same lesson. An added plus is that he didn't turn green (sick) while doing grammar today.

Adverb Use work for G#3, but G#1 finished the 5th Grade book today.  G#3 is ahead of his brother's progress at this point and is having more fun in language study than he will EVER let on to any of us. 

BTW, G#1 wrote his first key word outline for IEW's All Things Fun & Fascinating today.  He was pleased and will attempt to re-write the paragraph from HIS outline tomorrow.  G#1 may or may not enjoy the task, but we can only try it to see if he will.  Pray he enjoys the re-write tomorrow. 

Update:  It is quite amazing what happens when a student has a foundation of solid grammar study.  Even when I can't administer the IEW checklist or the AFF directions, this G#1 enjoyed writing a keyword outline AND rewriting the paragraph the next day from his own outline.  He then accomplished the same feat again for the second paragraph and keyword outline. Maybe he'll be able to write when he needs to someday, but for today, he has a clue.  Thank you for your support.

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