Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dayspring Challenged Me

It really isn't my fault. I hit some Dayspring Cards link and they said that they would send me some cards if I'd just send them and tell of the experience. So, I've sent one to my Uncle John. He's older than the hills and broken his hip, but finally on the mend and needs a giggle. I've sent him this U-NEEKS get well card.  He's always been big on hunting and working union jobs. He's mostly on his own except for his remaining siblings and his devoted niece, Lisa. She is quite a work also, and I'm so glad she is up to the task of dealing with his medicare paperwork as she encourages him from the nearby. I'm only able to send this cute get well card of a puppy saying HEAL - aka= get well from the far-away. And pray for those who work with Uncle John and his healing.
Dayspring Cards says these are kids' cards and they may be, but I sent one today to a kid-at-heart. And I pray it encourages him to get well! More about U-NEEKS card stories to come - STAND-BY.

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