Saturday, September 15, 2012


September is such a wonderful month on my calendar. I've traveled to return a visit to a long-time friend and took the boys along to see Lake Superior for the first time.  We visited a new airport along the way and G#1 got to do an unaccompanied minor trip to boost his growing confidence. 

I would always live at the average temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit and less than 50% relative humidity, but that is not always the case in this county east of the Mississippi River.  But to encourage others in September is so much easier when I've been encouraged by the cooler weather and settling into our school schedule. (more about school schedule's later)

My long-time friend is a strong lady and has taken on the job of educating her very bright children at home because of the classroom choices she faced.  I've been ready to see her across this threshold, but praying for her just the same.  I was able to leave this Dayspring Card as I left her home last weekend expressing my gratitude (my opinions are negative about cards available at the store, but I've a growing appreciation of Dayspring words). 

I was allowed to pass along these greetings for free based on the opportunity a fellow home educator informed me about.  But, really, I feel the urge to encourage others often, and don't because I'm moving so many "balls" in the air or, plainly, too busy.  Thanks to Dayspring for decent cards to encourage and thanks to my friend for the visit. And to inCourage it's a wonderful place with helpful words (a love language I'm not well-versed in, and necessary for the edification of my marriage).

AND, thanks to my boys for making it a wonderful visit with my friend's kids.  My boys did the two subjects of school work I asked of them last week, along with their sister.  However, the boys didn't get to go to Mickey-land like their sister did. (more about Disneyland later)  They've been in the past as an invitation to the Daddy's sister, and they were truly glad for their sister to get to Disneyland only after she had done the same amount of school work she had done.  Justice must be done in the eyes of a logic stage male. YIKES!

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