Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Today, G3 began Saxon 6/5. He is not even flinching as I move him to lesson 25 because seasoned, face-to-face, homeschool moms advised me that the materials prior are review.  Well, I remarked that most of each new lesson is review, so it wasn't such a tough idea to grasp.  Factoring numbers... not a problem for G3, but the review questions aren't really bumps in his path either.  {So glad that we moved his math day to later in the week, as Mondays were painful for EVERYONE}

I was reading in blog, homeschool moms' articles recently and found this piece about math curriculum choices for my kids,  I've used the first and second products exclusively with my Gs and been satisfied with that move.  Actually, the kindergarten teacher that G1 had years ago began us in Saxon Math.  She was trained in the method, but I didn't quite understand and thus I used the first choice mentioned in the above article for four years.  We are transitioning back into Saxon Math, and I'm reassured of this choice by the enthusiasm of classroom teachers I know and love. 

Wow, I never would have imagined teaching elementary math as a homeschool mom (science or history is more probable), but here we are in year six of this journey. 

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