Saturday, February 2, 2013

Elemental Science for Logic Stage Earth Science and Astronomy

We've completed the first four units of Elemental Science Logic Stage Earth Science and Astronomy.  The kids enjoyed a week of rock study with a hardness scale kits from my favorite science store out west.  And, I've decided to have these three read a chapter from the typical classroom text on evolution perspectives of the beginning of our Universe this coming week.  We'll discuss the Geologic Time Scale and names/dates/events attributed to each period.  As a former junior high earth science teacher, I'd feel awful not having discussed what other kids (CLASSROOM) think is normal material.  In this, I hope to inform about how I was raised to believe and what I've come to understand is perfectly acceptable about what the Bible tells us of the Beginning of His Universe.
Then it's off to climate and meteorology for the end of this school year. Such fun as I recall my graduate program in climatology at university such a long time ago.  Glad to not be tromping around in wetlands amongst phragmites, typha and rush grass, but to appreciate how useful they are in this suburban setting and getting that point across to my three students.

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