Wednesday, February 20, 2013

G2 Babysitting for the First Time

I have never babysat before, so didn't know what exactly to do.  I've been studying a website about babysitting, but haven't completed it yet.  My mom was there while my charge was in the house with us on Valentine's Day from 3-6pm so her parents could go on a date (isn't that sweet...).  Mom had three of us, so she knew what to do.   I knew that this 15 month old liked to read, so Mom helped me find some board books that my brothers and I used for me to read to her.  She also liked playing with the puzzles we used. 

I also knew that this baby liked to move, so I kept her moving.  She doesn't walk or crawl, but scoots upright on her backside.  Mom helped me carry her upstairs so I could practice the trumpet quietly and she didn't get upset at the loud sound at all.  During the last few minutes she was here, I could tell that she was really tired so I bounced her on my knee.  I also picked her up carefully and carried her on "tours," which means walking around the house.  I was really tired after my first babysitting job.

I'm looking forward to this summer when I get to take the class for babysitting that my local library offers for kids my age.  Mom says that my brothers have to take it too in order for each of us to be certified.  I hope they don't make me change a diaper, but I know that's part of the job someday.  For a reward, the baby's parents gave me a bag of goodies.  Yummy!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful description! Are you thinking of becoming a writer when you grow up? -- Amy Jo

G Paisley said...

Thank you Amy Jo. My mom helped me edit the information so the baby's parents didn't think I was not taking special care of her. I'm excited about doing more babysitting. I like to write too, but only about topics that I think of myself. - G2

Dan and Katie said...

I was and am very impressed G2! There is nothing better than to return from a lovely evening out and find your daughter smiling from ear to ear. Thanks again!

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