Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BRU: In Search of Napoleon

Friday flight to Brussels from Chicago was brilliant. We arrived Saturday before noon and traveled by train to Brux Noord train station where we exited the east door of the station to Allard Str.  We walked with our bags one block to Brabant Str and turned LEFT to Rogier Str.  This path led us through the Morrocan neighborhood and away from the street adjacent to the train station where women stood scantily clad advertising human degradation.  The Rogier Str was a steep climb to Rue de Palais where the tram lines run.  Then we turned left for a downhill path to the Wellness Apart Hotel.  The hotel had plenty of space for 2 adults and 3 tweens.  Adults were on the bedroom on the backside of the building. The tweens were on pull-out beds in the living room.  The couch and chair in the living room were difficult to use at this point, but we were able to use the dinette table and 2 kitchen chairs. The galley kitchen had a frig and stove.  We put our power strip here for charging phones.  The wi-fi was best at this spot in the kitchen.  The shower, water temperature and water pressure was fine.

 Quote for the day came from the Daddy,
“I didn't think it would be this many hills.”

I was able to see from the plane a castle with a moat and rectangular mirror pond, and then a village with an old church in the center. There were many Turkish, Arabic, Dutch, and French signs. The weather is same as Chicago.  Butte lion with 1st action packed narrated movie at the historic Waterloo Battlefield site. 

We left the room right away for the train station again to Brain A’llued for a taxi ride to the Battlefield of Waterloo.  The tweens enjoyed the scavenger hunt activity and the climb to Butte du Lion.  They enjoyed the panoramic indoor replica of the battlefield circa 1815.  We toured quickly through the “wax museum” and the lessons there were interesting from authentic uniforms, and various archeological evidence collected over the years on this site.  We walked back to the bus stop near a gas station and waited successfully for the city bus which took us back to the train station.  There was a short wait for the return train trip back to Brux Noord.  The walk up the hotel was good for keeping us awake and the Turkish attendants at the hotel directed us just another short walk to several choices of Turkish restaurants.  This is the first time I've ever ordered my Turkish meal in French.  The first night was done.