Friday, May 24, 2013

On To Brussels! The Food

Waffles along the street                                                             Waffle Parlor

April in Brussels and Brugge is BRILLIANT!  Our suitcases were not so full of cold weather clothes! There was room for us to bring chocolate back... Yes, we found Belgian chocolate which tended to be more bitter than we'd expected, but smooth and creamy chocolate is hard to let sit on the shelf.  And the waffles were tasty.  We ate crispy, light waffles with various toppings which were good, but the liege waffles were the recipe we promptly looked up when home and made immediately.  We enjoyed Turkish food because our hotel/apart was in the Turkish neighborhood.  My kids were familiar with that food and all went quite well. Let's just say, even though we walked many miles across each city, we didn't loose any weight for all the goodies we ate (frites & mayo included- G2's favorite).