Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chemistry Lessons about Salt (Warning: No-hands on experiments done)

There were not hands-on experiments done this week in our science study.  Just one of those "hills I decided not to die on" this week.  We discussed the differences between types of salt that is used in the kitchen, in our bodies and in the environment.  For example, table salt has a different chemical formula than the salt used outside on the very snowy roads (that erodes away the road surface).  Narrate about salts from DK page 44-45, Usborne pages 88-91 and Basher page 30 on your Elemental Science Grammar Stage Chemistry blue binder page 51 (Yes, we reusing and adding to our 2nd/3rd grade materials because they are that good).  Read Tiner chapter 14 & answer questions about chapter on lined sheet of paper placed near binder page 51.  Read and answer questions in Elements of Faith on same lined sheet of paper for Na and Cl.  I enjoyed discussing the Elements of Faith topic of salt and light with my kids this week. So many brilliant bonuses of homeschooling my kids.

One other bonus this week was enjoying nature during the longest winter of my life.  Sometimes the mittens get in the way when taking pictures outside, because it is THAT COLD.

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