Friday, February 7, 2014

SOTW3 Chapter 23 The New Country AND A Review of Young Patriot's American History

Begins on page 219
The New Country
The American Constitution

Justin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite Henry
Hillyer Children’s History of the World
Guerber Story of the Great Republic

The First American President (1789-1797)

Guerber Story of the Great Republic
Benge, Janet; Benge, Geoff. John Adams: Independence Forever (Heroes of History). Finish this source.
More LIBERTY’S KIDS videos

Begin using the state cards (index cards) to memorize and know USA flags.  Go ahead and get your kindergarten flags book out for the United States flags and birds we studied.  Begin to memorize the US Presidents.

This seems like a good a time as any to tell you that we've enjoyed following along the history of the United States with Mrs. Schott via the CurrClick website.  The interaction with her via "lecture" (more like discussion) is very helpful in keeping us on track to learning the US Presidents in order and giving a separate perspective from our old SOTW materials, both Bauer and Synge.  She points out events in our nation's history that are brought to life with stories, videos and links to national park/historical sights on-line.  She encourages each child to use the chatbox wisely. She quizzes our geographers with helpful surveys. She encourages us to read the Eggleston spine for the course.  There are other research questions she challenges us with as well.  She receives the scanned research work and comments regularly and fairly.  Finally, we've pulled the state flag materials out of the kindergarten/first grade comb binders and are incorporating the process through each state with our vexillological study.  (This was our year to study Illinois because that's where we live.  We are also completing the second round through every nation's flag in the world describing what each nation's flag means according to their own description.) So, each week we process through three presidents and three states in order to review who these presidents were and the significance of three states' flags a week. This was my attempt to introduce my students to Mrs. Schott because she may be our best source for the Rhetoric stage of economics and government courses.  We have no trouble using the interface at CurrClick and enjoy the class recordings easily available there as well.  Finally, I appreciated the price for each semester course and have engaged all three of my students in the process.  This was an affordable, successful way to fill in the gaps of my teaching American History this year. 

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