Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pinewood derbies and bitter cold

I've never attended a car race. Well, there were the crash up derbies at the county fair in rural Iowa, but this pinewood extravaganza - well, I was impressed. The cars were prepared to perfection by children and daddy, then weighed to specifications. The actual race was electronically timed and photo-finishes projected on the screen up on the gym wall. Our mechanics didn't win anything special, but had a blast in the process. Next year, I'm told, things will be different with the addition of LED lights and fancier paint.

Everyone survived another week of lessons and bitter cold weather trapped inside. Now we're off to Gramma and Grampa's in Utah. There is hope for the ski trip on Sunday with Aunt and Uncle. We intend to explore the Discovery Gateway and learn even more about the human body with sesame street. There aren't many seats in first class left, but hopefully we'll nab a few for the four of us somewhere on the plane. Go Utes! Here we come!

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