Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow and snot, but let's read a book

Hey, Alice in Wonderland was fun/ weird, but done and now it's Black Beauty. Got the idea while in Chick Fil a TN where the kid's meal included a condensed version of the same. Number One enjoyed it so much. And I'm a sucker for a horse story anytime any place. It's that whole farm girl thing... So, we're more than half way done with reading for the year and will broach the precipice of same with math. Discussion of reptiles is underway and listening to a kid's story about a private eye named Chet Gecko reinforces my attempts in two ways. A trip to the aquarium is still on the calendar soon. We are getting to some lessons in Story of the World that I'm looking forward to; i.e. Phoenicians, Assyrians and Babylon again. Once we get to Greeks it's all down hill toward summer.

Speaking of summer, Dora gardener in the house helped me plant globe amaranth and two colors of alyssum 2 weeks ago. Those are now ready to transplant into plugs which all three junior gardeners roled from uncolored newsprint. Many other seeds were started yesterday while the three were working on AWANA Pinewood derby entries. AND prior to shopping for the superbowl gorge, Daddy registered little boys for park district soccer.

Tomorrow is a visit to the dentist for a field trip. I keep praying for a kid-friendly family dentist on our dental plan. I've already tried 2 different dentists. This third one should be the charmer. Then a playdate for our little girl. I get to visit with the mom too, so that's cool. More piano lessons for Number One who isn't hating it completely. Doesn't hurt that the family where he takes piano also has a drummer and a huge drum set to mess with each week. Plans are in the works for a late February trip to Utah and a national park or two. We'll see how the wind blows.

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SarahB said...

Read Misty of Chincoteague - the best horse story ever. And don't forget National Velvet.

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