Saturday, November 1, 2008

Moving on to the Moon

WOW, it seems like a million years or miles - however you want to look at it. We've introduced the Moon, read about it and now completing Notebooking2Learn's mini books about the only natural satellite of the Earth. So, I've added the moon phase calendar. Hope it works so we can track the phases of the moon.

I was able to wax rapsodic about the Hagia Sophia this past week too. Our history chapter discussed Byzantine emporor Justinian. It made me almost homesick for a different place anyway. I've also finished reading book 14 of the Roman Mysteries series and now have to wait for the libraries in this area to buy book 16. Yes, they don't intend to by book 15 for some reason. I really do love reading about the time period of the Early Church.

Everyone survived spelling, reading and math for the week. Our familiarity with German phrases and outline map is growing. The 3 Gs start quickstart tennis this morning and are off to do the Home Depot kid project first before the lesson. Lastly, halloween was fun for the kids as they got to t or t in the neighborhood with friends from church then got to take neighborhood kids to New Church for the Trunk or Treat event where Daddy decorated his car trunk like a shark and wore his poopy suit and submarine attire.

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