Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Markets / Christkindlmarket

The Daddy had taken 3Gs down to Daley plaza last year for his first Christmas market, but I skipped it in favor of a quiet, warm Saturday on my own. This year, however, we visited many Christmas markets all over Munchen and Salzburg. My favorite was the Medieval market near Odeonsplatz in Munchen. There were fire breathers at the top of a high platform which my youngest G drew for us the next day.

The tea towel calendar is from the markets in Salzburg. It is for German, Italian and English speakers and is arranged differently than most calendars. I liked the German costumes and my green colors. The ornaments are for souvenirs. I saw them in each market and the tags say that they were made in Germany.
I could have spent so much more time in the Berchtesgadener Christmas market, but it's all good. I sure don't regret skipping the cuckoo clock purchase, because I may get a new bathroom sink instead. Trade-offs are ok.
I did purchase several single figure play mobil pieces that my Gs played with on the 10.5 hour flight home. The little girl, her gramma and I enjoyed shopping for those at Karstadts and Spiels toy sections. The children definitely enjoyed the chocolate covered eggs filled with small toys to put together inside (Kinder candies).

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