Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving was...

an attitude of my heart. Well, I WAS traveling abroad for a week with my husband, his parents and our three children. It was made easy to thank God for my blessings while wondering around Salzburg Austria after a puke-filled ride in the Alps and an adventure to the salts mines that Rick S. tells us about on his tv show. We finally found a what to eat for a meal? A Turkish restaurant not a mile from our place to rest that night. I had wanted to be in Turkiye for Thanksgiving, but eating the Doner Kebab that included veil and turkey meat was most excellent instead. I was thankful and I did have an attitude of thankfulness for all the thorny stuff of the year too. the decade. my life.

Can you say the same thing?

When you do say the same thing, how does that influence your relationships with your spouse and your children?

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