Saturday, December 6, 2008

Marienplatz on the front and back side of our visit

We arrived into Munchen after a successful flight from Ohare on Wednesday, November 26th. In order to try to acclimate the children for the new time change, we took a walking tour from our temporary hotel on the south side of the main train station to Marienplatz. We found Augustinerbrau for dinner even though we weren't ready for white boiled sausage yet. We ate bretzli or pretzels. The children are beginning to like schnitzel. On the back side of the visit, we found the noonish performance of the Glockenspiele on New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) with Frauenkirche in the background. But while waiting we found an indigenous music group in the tourist information center. I assume they were from Peru, but they sure spoke German well too.
We found that there would be an organ concert at Frauenkirche on Tuesday night before we headed back to the states which was a must see. The children even survived the concert quite well a week later surrounded by adults. You know, it was an amazing blessing to do this trip with the odds we had. Four adults to three children is always recommended or at least out number the children by somewhat prepared adults whenever possible. Everyone appreciated the Lavazza Italian coffee even though this mommy would have preferred a regular shot of Starbucks.
BTW, we didn't do any American chain food along the way and were working hard to avoid it for the entire trip. We did have to visit the Hofbrauhaus for Daddy's ox nuckle dinner. Or pigs nuckle, I can't remember. It's all the same though. I found a new brilliant drink made from carbonated apple juice called Apfleshorle. I love it!

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