Monday, April 6, 2009

Back into the History program today

It helped to read Caedmon's Song today and listen to the Medieval podcast about monks and the parameters of the Middle Age time period. The podcast included a Gregorian chant which helped establish the differences that existed in musical styles of monks and bards. So, we'll listen to Chapter 16 of Story of the World II about the English language, Serfs and Noblemen, and Stone Castles per the Jim Weiss recordings. But the children know so much more about castles after reading through the MacCauley books "Castles" and "Cathedrals." We've enjoyed the videos from the library about serfs and noblemen, doctors and others in a series called "Life in the Middle Ages."
After my visit to Boston last week, I'm anxious to get them to American history and explore so much right here in the USA. I'd have to admit though that my favorite time period of fiction reading is medieval mystery like Cadfeal and Maidservant's Tale, plus many more that I treasure. But, we live in today and here in the great nation of the United States of America and that is concrete for my grammar stage learners.

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