Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter with family in Iowa

We began the 29th week of our classical studies for 1st and 2nd grades in the 'burbs, but drove to Iowa for Easter adventures near the farm. We read and completed a few lessons on birds in zoology I. But, then went fishing at my uncle's pond. There was four hours of fishing in the warm sunshine. The goal for using our fishing poles at least once a year is complete. Now, any other fishing is over and above the goal!

On the return trip to the 'burbs, once some of the Easter egg hunts candy was done, we found the Macbride Raptor center at Coralville Lake on Monday in the cold and rain. We identified what the large variety of birds ate from droppings and remnants laying around the containers and we saw the fresh dinner being prepared by the University of Iowa caretakers involved in the program. There were also reasons that brought each bird to the center. Some were obvious like the saw wet owl with one eye. And one bird missing a wing. The osprey's nest was the connection that G#1 made with the Burgess Bird Book story about how it was made and where it was located above the lake for easier reach once a fish was caught from the water. Each of my three Gs made wonderful connections with the flying things Apologia study and I'm pleased to have a sister-in-law who did the research to find us this wonderful site to visit. We can't wait to take her back next month when we find this place again on a warmer, greener day.

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