Sunday, January 10, 2010

First week of 2010 Science and Art

2 eggs; one control with an X in permanent marker, the second smothered in fluoride toothpaste for a day.

Soaked in vinegar over night producing many bubble of CaCO3.

The shells became leather-like and became similar. The experiment to compare the effect of fluoride toothpaste on our calcium enamel wasn't as successful as I'd hoped, but it was a relief to a frustrating week of transition into the new year.

I was then able to implement the Artistic Pursuits lesson about Michelangelo’s sculpture skills by enticing the children to carve a face into an apple.   These will continue to dry for several more days and produce our effort to sculpt.

Lastly, I asked them to use the red cabbage indicator liquid in a spray bottle and make designs in the immense amount of snow. They hadn't enough friend-time and were drawn away from the assignment. Maybe we can see that art later.

But for now, I introduce Story of the World 3 about 1600-1850 this week. The Christmas tree is put away and the house is prepared for business as usual. 

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