Saturday, January 16, 2010

So, what am I forgetting?

Science was all about the Halogen group this week. We enjoyed the experiments about fluorine and iodine (see pictures of testing for starches with Iodine). Everyone’s apples dried into brilliant sculptures and there were paintings done of these dried pieces. For SOTW3, we adored the story about Don Quixote and windmills from Kimmel, along with the Anno’s book about Spain that included the confused conquistador and his sidekick, Sancho. The Disney movie about El Dorado was fun and colorful. My 3Gs practiced their narrating about the Mayan game of pok-a-tok in Rain Player by Wisniewski. I’ve finally found and read aloud the books about kids during the age of renaissance and exploration from Newbridge publishing. We’re soon to finish studying about the desert habitats. Spelling and handwriting were a bit frustrating, but Explode the Code was fun as always. The Latin vocabulary is expanding around here and music lesson came off ok. Individual reading choices were recorded and the reading program began for winter at our local library. Math and African flags are no problem and we completed a bunch more of those. So, what am I forgetting? Well, maybe we haven’t done the scheduled amount of lessons from First Language Lessons for each of the students here. How, oh, how do I get those grammar lessons done each day? Truthfully, the grammar lesson book has taken a lower priority around here and is sadly left behind. Any ideas about using starburst candies to entice interest or gumption for grammar?

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