Sunday, February 20, 2011


 Physics discussed balance, sound, light and gravity.

AWANA grand prix event took place with fun and friends. 

Ice skating for the first time with other home schooled kids.

Community Bible Study continues with the study of Peter for both kids and mom.
I get to read and soak up wisdom from "One Thousand Gifts" on  History and art, math and spelling continue as normal. Even grammar is moving along at an acceptable, year-ending pace.  The snow is melted, all 36" of it and left "snirt" behind. Swim lessons end this week and we begin a new session next month.  Ocean habitat study is going well and we've moved onto discussion of seals and sea cows.  The kids enjoyed seeing "Fiddler on the Roof" with us last week in the CYT stage and again on video from the library this week. Plans for travel are discussed and visits from far away friends are explored. The Daddy gets to move to his new office this next week downtown on the whatever floor of a HIGH building. So much going on and a few pictures to pass along what we see.

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