Friday, February 4, 2011

Sleeping Bag School and Mega Glue

So, It's a bit cold in our neck of the woods. Yes, that's a colloquial phrase that means we received a great deal of snow and are enjoying some indoor time. While doing school this week, we bundled into our sleeping bags on the couch or recliner and did the best we could from there. We listened to "Esperanza Rising" by Pam Munoz Ryan about a Mexican girl who is forced to move to California during the United States Depression Era. My kids were riveted to the story which tied so closely into our study of the Boom/Bust years after The Great War.  We also finished listening to "Prince Caspian" by C.S. Lewis and look forward to "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" read by my all-time favorite British actor Derek Jacobi.

We were able to read about civil war in Spain and the rise of Franco to power.  At the same time, Hitler started "rebuilding" the "Fatherland." We listened to the "Corrie ten Boom Story" because I didn't get the movie, "Hiding Place" for the correct week. It was probably better to listen to the story rather than watch the movie. Maybe we can still get it from a nearby village library who has stricter rules than our own.  But, while 2 of my kids are barking like seals with a cold, it is better to let the healthy big brother help the Daddy and his snow blower clean out the driveway to the one lane street that is plowed.

Doing math and spelling, history and some art from our sleeping bags is ok, but it is necessary to get out of the sleeping bags and do the Henri Matisse collage work with lots of glue from the kitchen counter. We also worked through several sound science labs at the kitchen counter too. Then hopped back into the sleeping bags to write paragraphs (whether 3 or 5 sentences) about the assignments for the week.  We're planning our ocean boxes too from the sleeping bags while we answer questions about the whale chapter in our ocean habitat book.  My last G is reading about Ms. Frizzle's whale watch right now in order to drop that book back at the library.

No AWANA, French, piano lessons or extraordinary sound science with Crazy Roger's Physics Phun. And very little play time outdoors with below-zero wind chill.  But, we got extra time with the Daddy while he worked from home and prepped yet another Latin lesson with him for the next time. We practiced our individual languages and looked a little at the French materials. We read lots of Boxcar Children stories while we were warmly wrapped in our sleeping bags and contemplated how much glue it took to attach anything, because the size of the glue bottle is meant to inspire the size of the project.

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