Monday, February 28, 2011

Futuristic horse art by g#3

  As we prepare to go skiing later this week, many items on the weekly planner checklist are being completed.  This one of my g's in the picture finished 2 grammar lessons from First Language Lessons level 3, so I asked him to complete the next lesson in Artistic Pursuits after Cubism and Picasso. There was an initial struggle with the rational realist that he is.  Then he moved into the surreal of the possibility that a horse structure could become evident in the aluminum foil and tape.  Although, as you can see, he still isn't quite sure. 

Mind boggling that someone who can create all kinds of planes and shapes with zillions of Legos, and can't imagine that a horse shape can be made in aluminum foil. I wonder if I'm creating a monster who may keep "borrowing" my box of foil every time my back is turned. 

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