Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How We've Done Grammar for 4th, 5th and 6th Grades

I jumped off the First Language Lessons "train" at the end of 3rd grade for G1 and this is where we landed, in Rod and Staff book 5.  I found plans from Deanna at Through the Narrow Gate Academy  to use that kept the lesson, worksheet and test order clear for each child.  I bought two student texts and one teacher text along with a worksheet packet. 
I've read that many people don't even use grammar lessons with their kids.  Most of these parents read a lot to their kids and, while reading, teach the lessons of grammar.  Then in the middle school years, many of these kids are faced with grammar.  Writing and grammar are my worst subject, so I just followed the advice from The Well-Trained Mind and used the materials suggested from the beginning, almost six years ago.
All three Gs completed the fifth grade materials and have begun or are almost half way through the sixth grade materials.  I've been using the exact same number of pieces I used for fifth grade with the addition of a white board and dry erase marker to each child.  I will not continue with this grammar program though.  Actually, G1 is almost done with the spelling books suggested in the above mentioned guide to homeschooling (WTM). 
Upon completing his Spelling Workout Level H book, he will work on a vocabulary list in both
Latin and French each week for seventh grade.  There are grammar and usage lessons included in the materials we've already invested in several years ago from Memoria Press.  After those are finished, I suspect he may be using an online course.  In fact, both he and G2 are to be enrolled this summer in beginning language courses through CurrClick.  One hour a week for ten weeks will be just enough. 
I can't explain if any of this is working for their language development.  I only know it was an attempt to prepare them.  I'm personally more prepared for the next step, which is writing with IEW's SWI-B product and guidance.  I'm excited about proof reading exercises at Critical Thinking Company also, but that's another topic...

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