Friday, September 13, 2013

Logic Stage Week FIVE! We've made it to a New Stage

A new stage of learning, volunteering and fellow-shipping with each other and our social groups at co-op, church and home.  This is our fifth week of school and everything is going so much better with the daily schedules, tasks and assignments.  I may yet make it through this homeschool gig and so may they.  There are many more reminders to reward brave math effort, wise choice of a response to sibling jabs, trustworthiness, responsibility and getting a job done well.  These 3Gs are growing up.  Yes, they still need help avoiding screens at our house for the television, computers/Internet and portable devices, but, when they are deterred from those distractions, they make great choices to help, cook, read, play games, run, bike, pull weeds, mow the lawn, maintain their rooms and other public spaces here. 

We're finishing the Hands of a Child Chemistry product this week as well as How Science Works from the Reader's Digest Publishing from long ago.  We've begun study of Hebrews with the co-op at CBS, and will begin homeschool band tonight.  The Illinois state study materials from Knowledge Box Central are almost done, so I've picked out books, some juvenile, some easy reader, some fiction and some non-fiction, from the local library to continue notebooking about the state through October.  The USA History course on-line at CurrClick is slow, but helping us learn about the format.  We hope to take high school government and economics from this teacher, so it's very good to get familiar with her teaching methods, hand outs and homework habits.

Below is the list of readings and narrations that guide us along the history and science schedule.  Math, grammar, spelling, art, Latin, French, logic, flags (human geography), habitats (physical geography), and state study went per their regular course.

SOTW3CHChapter 5, begins on page 53
Warlords of Japan
I.  Hideyoshi, Japan's Great Leader
·         Yei Theodora Ozaki.  Japanese Fairy Tales narrate about those
·         Peeps at History – Japan.   by John Finnemore.  Sections:  The Rise of the Samurai, The Coming of Christianity, Three Great Men—Nobunaga, Three Great Men—Hideyoshi, Three Great Men—Ieyasi, The Christian Martyrs, The First Englishman in Japan, The Hidden Kingdom, The Hidden Kingdom (cont.)
PAST FACT:  1592              Hideyoshi directs Japan's first invasion of Korea
II.  The First Tokugawa Ruler
·         A Boy of Old Japan - R. Van Bergen Japan Asleep
Library hardback book
·         Hoobler, Dorothy.  The ghost in the Tokaido Inn,
PAST FACT:  1623, lemitsu becomes the third Tokugawa shogun
                              1633         lemitsu closes the ports of Japan
                              1641, European traders are forbidden to enter Japan

READ and SKETCHaRESPONSE or Narrate (Our soap making process)
·         HSW: Acids and Bases, Salts and Soaps  ACS Chemistry for life topics
·         Kindle:  Wonder Book of Chemistry, Chap 9 (The Two Sparrows) and Chap 10 (Burning Phosphorus)
Hands of a Child Notebook with questions (last week of this source)
·         Sections:  Acids, Bases (soap), Alkalis
·         17. How do we measure how strong an acid is?
·         18. What type of texture and taste does a base have?
·         19. Choose an early scientist and write a brief biography.
·         20. Experiment with invisible ink. Make the pocket book using the graphic.
DK Chemistry pages 14 and 15

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