Friday, September 6, 2013

Logic Stage Week Four Wrap-Up

There was much rejoicing that each G got to clear the math vexation cloud in their brains.  These clouds come and go, so we'll just hope for clear skies in the future.  We finished discussing the AIG Dangerous Journey videos and moved onto several videos discussing the pyramids in Egypt.  It was not enlightning, but it did serve a purpose to generate discussion regarding the Bible and ancient history (Bonus: History review).  Art, Spelling and Grammar were done with minimal joy and pain.  Latin, French and Logic were accomplished by G1.  While all three Gs kept up with Grassland Habitat study, Flag study and Illinois State study. 

G2 began her volunteer mission with the Japanese Ladies Language Ministry. She tried the childcare "job" last spring and decided to give the effort a try.  More about that later.

SOTW3CHChapter 4, begins on page 43
Searching for the Northwest Passage
I.   The French in the New World
Synge AoE: 
·         Among the Icebergs,
·         Sir Humphrey Gilbert,
·         The Founding of Quebec
Indians:  Squanto, (easy read)
·         Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  French Explorers, Champlain, Ch. XLVII (part a),
·         Down the Mississippi, Champlain, Quebec.  1604-1608, 1603-1608
Beatrice Home.  Peeps at History – Canada,
·         The Early Discoverers, Samuel de Champlain.  Heritage History
1498, John Cabot disappears in the northern Atlantic. 
1534, Jacques Cartier's first arrival in Canada. 
1553, Sebastian Cabot's expedition sets off on the northeast route)
1638, Samuel Champlain dies
II. Henry Hudson's Quest
Synge AoE: 
·         The Story of Henry Hudson
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  Hudson, New York , Ch. XXVII,
·         Hudson and the Indians, Hudson Bay.  1609-1614, 1609
Mara L. Pratt.  American History Stories – I. 
·         English Explorers:  The Cabots (Heritage History books)
1603 Samuel Champlain's first arrival in Canada,
1608 Quebec colony founded in Canada
1607 Henry Hudson makes his first voyage to the northeast Rolfe,
1611 Henry Hudson is set adrift in Hudson Bay
 ·         Continue listening to Witch of Blackbird Pond.

HSW: solutions and crystals, acids and bases, salts and soaps (hard water test), organic chem
·, discover kids magazine about oil
Kindle:  Wonder Book of Chemistry, Chap 7 (Experiments with Air) and Chap 8 (Further Experiments with Air)
Hands of a Child Notebook with questions
Sections:  Periodic Table; Elementary Elements H&He;  Atomic Number; Groups/Periods
DK Chemistry pages 12 and 13
Experiment making soap the way Grampa does with water, lye and lard.   

Local ties in history about discovery in early Canada and Joliet traversing the area where we live.  The Science connection this week, besides making soap, was the idea of water softener system using salt to reduce the need for as much soap.

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