Friday, November 15, 2013

Logic Stage Chemistry Study Week 14

So, we've finished reading all of the story about Uncle Paul, Jules and Emile from Jean Henri Fabre.  We've also finished the free upper level notebooking package from Hands of a Child about Metals. All this just in time to start studying more about nonmetals and other groups on the periodic table.  As a last assignment in HOAC, the 3Gs were asked to draw a poster supporting recycling. Today happens to be National Recycling Day! So, how about some art to support recycling and being good stewards of the Earth's resources? G#1's poster included a picture off the Internet that wasn't annotated, so I didn't include it here, but it was of a cola can made into a craft car.

Along with a wrap up of our READ and SKETCHaRESPONSE
Tiner, Exploring the World of ChemistryChapter 8: The Electron Shows the Way     62
Kindle:  Wonder Book of Chemistry, Chap 25 (Chlorin) and Chap 26 (Nitrogen Compounds)
HOAC Metals:  Read * Recycling Metal
Activity 14 – Recycling Craft
Activity 15 – Recycling
Describe NONMETALS on the Periodic Table
DK Chemistry pages p 28-29


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