Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up: SOTW3Ch13 and 15b The French

This is the point at which WTM advised a home educator to read from A. Dumas or some profound literature from a French background. However, we've just finished the Henty book about When London Burned, and that's what I'm serious about. We've visited London and will again. The closest we've been to France is a family field trip to Montreal, or the recent Daddy trip to Senegal.  We plan to find Strasbourg v-e-r-y s-o-o-n, but even then it's a mix of German and French in the ALSACE. So, we're moving on to Johnny Tremain, and maybe another Henty in True to the Old Flag.  Did I tell you we adore our kindles and are even tackling reading a longer paper book without text-to-speech just because we've extended our abilities (hard to explain- it's just a good thing).  We've also tweaked our schedules a bit and offered a quarter reward for the student who dawdles the least and finishes their work well, and ahead of the others.  It amazes me how focus is so much finer tuned when money is involved. 

SOTW3CHChapter 13, begins on page 129
The Sun King
The Sun King of France
Synge Awakening of Europe
The Greatness of France, The Greatest General of His Age, The Battle of Blenheim
Haaren Famous Men of Modern Times Louis XIV, Robespierre
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  French Explorers, Joliet, Marquette,
Ch. XLVII (part b), Down the Mississippi, France, 1673

SOTW3CH 15b, begins on page 145
War Against the Colonies: Louis XIV Saves France
(Hillyer) Children’s History of the World:  Ch70
Guerber Story of the Thirteen Colonies:  La Salle, Hennepin,
Ch. XLVIII, La Salle’s Adventures, France, 1679-1718,

Usborne pages:  Pgs. 312-313; France and the Sun King
KHE pages:  Pg. 264; The Sun King 1643-1715

Blaise Pascal, 1623 – 1662, French Philosopher
Moliere, 1622 – 1673 French Playwright

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