Friday, November 8, 2013

Chemistry: 3Gs in Transition, or Even in the Metalloids

Oh my, I'm combining two weeks of Logic stage Chemistry here. The logic stage being how old they are, but the method being a Charlotte Mason walk with sources we just slowly read through and discuss. We've been using the Mason style of teaching even while doing experiments and exploring our creativity. We've already laid a solid base with the Classical Approach to Grammar Stage science four years ago when we used the Elemental Science Chemistry materials. We truly are just adding to those while exploring during this stage of development. During the Rhetoric Stage of learning in high school, the science will lend itself back into the Classical style of education, and that's ok with us. 

G#3 at Kennecott Mine Utah
G#1 at Kennecottt Mine Utah

So, these past two weeks, we read and sketched or narrated about the Transition and Metalloid groups on the periodic table. 
We also covered more:
Tiner, Exploring the World of Chemistry
Chapter 6: Search for Order p. 44
Kindle:  Wonder Book of Chemistry,
Chap 21 (Carbonic-Acid Gas) and
Chap 22 (Different Kinds of Water)
Hands of a Child Notebook with questions
Activity 11 – Finding Metals.
Read about Copper mine materials from Utah,
*Mining Metals, *Metal Terminology
DEFINE Last set of words in the materials

DK Chemistry pages 46-47
Usborne Science Encyclopedia p. 28-43 with an excellent link to Rio Tinto's video about the  Kennicot open-pit Copper Mine that my boys have visited on summer trips with their UTAHGrampa and learned how the ore is processed and used in our daily lives.

Tiner, Exploring the World of Chemistry
Chapter 7: Sunlight Shows the Way p. 52
Kindle:  Wonder Book of Chemistry,
Chap 23 (Plants at Work) and Chap 24 (Sulphur): 
Hands of a Child
Activity 12 – Metal Ore: mining metal ore in open pit like Utah
Activity 13 – Metal Refining: 

Or mining like Salzburg Salt Mine visit (the slide down was great!  And even Gramma licked the wall - I think?) UNDERGROUND.
DK Chemistry pages 26-27
Use your Bible to list three verses w/ metals we’ve studied.
Explore the METALLOIDS (

This is what Chemistry looked like four years ago in the Grammar Stage.

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