Sunday, January 12, 2014

Logic Stage Chemistry Finishing the Periodic Table Study

December 2013
Tiner, Exploring the World of Chemistry Chapter 10: Water     78
Carol Baldwin's Nonmetals NOBLE GASES p 40-43
DK Chemistry pages 32-33, Paragraph describing Noble Gases and their characteristics
Links are to fun with periodic table for kids:

January 5, 2014 Science
Tiner Chapter 11
DK Chemistry p 36-37
Links:  Lanthanide Section of the periodic table
Any Lanthanide row videos

January 12, 2014..... Science
Tiner .................. Chapter 12
DK Chemistry p.38-39
What is a catalyst?
What affects the rate of a chemical reaction?

Experiment:  How to Clean Silver? What is THE catalyst?

Chemistry study four years ago in the Grammar Stage looked like this.

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