Saturday, January 11, 2014

Practical Changes in Art

As much as I love using the "open-and-go" formula in Artistic Pursuits, it was fun to transition to a different medium, that is pastels, from the pencils we'd used in the first half of this year.  The Mommy, however, didn't pay close enough attention to the materials needed to accomplish the change and didn't have the CHALK PASTELS.  My 3Gs did persevere, with the oil pastel crayons at hand, and created "a path to the beach" from directions in A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels.  I did subsequently pick up the needed materials last night, and we'll continue to post more of their work going forward (cheers from the Grandparent section of the blog auditorium).  The work above is done by G1 who adores TobyMac and shows that in his December pencil sketch.

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