Friday, January 31, 2014

Chemistry Study Resumes: Review of Acids and Bases

READ & Narrate onto the notebook page prepared:
DK Chemistry  Acids and Bases  with notebook page
Duncan, Elements of Faith. How is Hydrogen related to acids and bases?
Basher Chemistry book, Chapter 3(more about Acids and Bases)
In kindle fire, Middle school chemistry.pdf in documents. See page 623 and read thru 662.
In kindle fire, Chapter6_student_reading.pdf in documents folder see page 687-691
            (page 680-686 is about chemical reactions)  lesson 8 & 9
Properties of Acids, CK-12 Foundation. CK-12 Physical Science Concepts For Middle School (Kindle Location 6291-6468). CK-12 Foundation.

This is what we endeavored to do.  Doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that we got it all done. 

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