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SOTW3CH 35, begins on page 329, entitled Mexican Independence with sections about The Cry of Dolores and the struggle for The Republic of Mexico.  Mainly about Mexico 1810 between 1822.  We UPDATEd OUR MAPS FROM GRAMMAR STAGE IN BINDERS & ADDed AN ALAMO PAGE.
Into Mexico with General Scott - Edwin Sabin
Book of Border Battles - Edwin Sabin Brave Hearts in the Alamo, Victory at San Jacinto, Face to Face with Mexico
Historical Tales - American II - Charles Morris Heroes of the Alamo, How Houston Won Freedom for Texas
Historical Tales - Spanish American - Charles Morris
From Empire to RepublicThe Beginning of the Struggle for Independence, The Continuance of the Struggle...
SOTW3CH 40, begins on page 367, about Mexico and Her Neighbor with a section about Remember the Alamo and was accompanied by a reading in Guerber's Story of the Great Republic: Ch. XXVI  The Mexican War, 1836 along with Copeland, The Story of the Alamo, Dover Coloring Book page.  
The Mexican-American War was a section with all kinds of excitement, and was accompanied with a reading from Guerber's Story of the Great Republic: Ch. XXVII  The Slavery Quarrel 1846-1848.
The accompanying KHE pages are  Pg. 342; Texas and Mexico 1835-1848, KHE pages:  Pgs. 330-331; The Arts 1708-1835. Pgs. 332-333; Architecture 1708-1835. Pgs. 334-335; Science and Technology 1708-1835. Pgs. 337-339; The World at a Glance 1836-1913.

The most exciting part of these 2 chapters was G3's reading about General Scott. He loved the Sabin book.  G2 was thrilled to make the Alamo in a Minecraft format.  

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