Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Logic Stage Chemistry Final Book Study

After using the DK Chemistry book (2 pages at a time each week), Mr. Fabre's Wonder Book of Chemistry, Mr. Tiner's Exploring the World of Chemistry, Hands of a Child "Introduction to Chemistry" and "Metals" Notebooking pages, websites and with a little CK12 Webtextbook on physical science included, this source about the periodic table with Christian faith-based topics interwoven was just the right end to our "mostly Charlotte Mason" middle school chemistry year.  We enjoyed a fabulous grammar stage course about chemistry from Elemental Science 4 years ago, and simply added to those materials in our science binder.  This course of study was not heavy on experiments unless you count the kitchen chemistry that we enjoyed eating.  The soil chemistry project commences now that we can loosen dirt from our flowerbeds in spring.  But, we've not exhausted the huge field of chemistry for these 3Gs so the rhetoric stage can delve-deep dive into extensive study in 2017 (if you can believe that).  

So, after exploring Eva Varga's post here about the Bunsen burner and reading the Elements book about Rubidium, we wrote in our notebooks about our trip last year to Germany and the University where Herr Bunsen worked was a great fit.  

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