Thursday, May 8, 2014

SOTW3 Ch 30 and 34 Topics from Latin America

We combined chapter 30, which begins on page 283, about Freedom in the Caribbean, The Haitian Revolt and chapter 34, begins on page 319, about Freedom for South America, Simon Bolivar: The Liberator and Freedom, But Not Unity.  

We read from Mr. Haaren's book about Kosciusko, Mr. Bachman's Great Inventors and Their Inventions Mr. Bell, Mrs. Guerber's Story of the Great Republic about Haiti and More Land Bought along with  Jackson Stories, and Mrs. Synge's Struggle for Sea Power about The Adventures of Baron Humboldt, The Shannon and the Chesapeake.  We didn't get to My Name is Not Angelica by Scott O'Dell Dutch Caribbean island slave revolt this time.  But explored the websites and

The Tapestry Of Grace unit about a re-written Frankenstein story (not Mary Shelley's) was very much pursued by all 3Gs.  The questions were easy to discuss in a small group last week as each student clearly felt that Dr. Frankenstein was wrong and a very sad person.  I'd never read the book, but seen a version of the story in a movie a very long time ago. I"m so proud of my kids for reading this and being clear about their views.

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