Friday, January 9, 2009

Finishing Week #18

The boys, like their father, are more consistent with this rising early and working through their weekly checklist of school work expeditiously. I need to be a better example. I've been able to rise early as well and complete my Bible study before coming down to find them with their noses in the books. We all enjoy our afternoons much more too. The snow is being shoveled from the driveway and ensuing play in the snow is had; I made home made laundry soap yesterday; we went to the library and enjoyed some new books and cd-rom time there; we vacuumed the entire first floor of our home together in order to prepare for evening guests last night; and today there is a play date planned for G#1. It was good to sign up for the winter reading program at the library and each are anxious to finish it. I'm excited that Jupiter is half covered and they still enjoy knowing more about the fifth planet. When you next see them, ask them about Jupiter - they're really paying attention to this one. I've asked G#1 to read through 2 sections of the book about where babies come from. Yes, it's a little early, but it's better if he learns it from us than from the neighbor kids down the street. Today, I'm hoping to make paper. I picked up the book at the library to walk me through it. I would love to put seeds in the paper so it can be used to sprout little flower pots, but I may need to practice a bit first. I wonder if the little girl will finish her school checklist in time to work with me on that one...

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