Saturday, January 3, 2009

a new year and a new look

I just got the next ten lessons of SOTW2 copied last night after mexican at a new place. I'm trying to print out the Jupiter lapbooks from notebooking2learn, but the printer cartridge is a bust (no more canon printers thank you very much!). I'm also trying not to let my new hobby of take over my sewing goals which, by the way, includes the use of my serger (it was a Christmas present from '07 - a power tool that intimidated me). But right now, I'm planning for a field trip before the end of the month.

Where should we go?


Melissa McDonald said...

Hey, we are going to hawaii the end of Jan. How 'bout a field trip to Pearl Harbor???

G3 & Mom said...

Yes, ORD to HNL is possible on flight 1, but is yellow and red all this week and will continue to acheive that "difficult to board status" stand-by for 4 people for the duration. The trip would be most effective when we can tie it to the WWII curriculum during SOTW4, if we get that far. Tomorrow is a new day and a new year. I've yet to get that printer to work smoothly today though.

G3 & Mom said...

Any other ideas? Maybe a place where we can camp on someone's floor if we get stuck on the stand-by list.

Julie said...

You know you are always welcome here!

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