Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mapwork builds character and maps

We've finished using the Dover State Birds book to identify each state bird in order to admission to the Union. We noticed that the Cardinal lives mostly in the upper midwest to east coast because there were seven states which claimed it as their state bird. We'll keep mapping similar birds as we move west and states are added on the timeline. We've established where each of the 44 presidents of the United States were born and mapped that information. Noting in that exercise that the highest number of presidents were born in Virginia and Ohio. We also observed that as states from the west and south entered into the Union later in time and presidents were born further west and south.

We were also able to finish work on the history chapter about the Franks and Clovis. We get to talk about the Moors next. The work on Jupiter is done and we'll talk about Saturn next. But that's enough about school stuff, let's talk about warmer weather and snow! No, let's go play!

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