Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Views

As my soccer kids (G#1 & G#2) work diligently 3x a week on the pitch, I watch my third ride his bike or hit a bucket of balls with Dad at the courts. But there is a new view from the tennis court sideline (as tennis lessons began for G#3):

New views from the back door to the house (as each of the junior gardeners used a shovel to help me remove a 30 year old juniper stump from in front of a basement window):

It's amazing what directed digging can bring about for dedicated diggers.
I may be viewing the sanctuary different in the future as I serve at church.
PS. Sunday sailing for Daddy and G#3 found them viewing the sail boat from the water. The gusting storm blew in and blew them over. Both are well, but learned many lessons and had new stories to tell.

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