Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a wonderful holiday!

Have returned from time with the extended family and heavenly weather in Iowa. We are yet to pick up G#1 from the airport as it was way to full to get him and Gramma back from SLC via the stand-by mechanism. We'll try it tomorrow, but are anxious to hear all about his trip to Utah and Disneyland (CA). I thoroughly enjoyed my reading time with books like The Mystery of the Periodic Table, The Prophet from Ephesus, and The Man From Pomegranate Street. I was able to prepare 3 gallons of fresh tomatoes for the salsa effort (canning is best done in the later Fall here) and found a gallon of fresh jalapenos for that effort also. I enjoyed my nieces high school band performance during the half time at her small Iowa town. And we got to hear/see my sister perform in the pre-game activities with the University of Iowa Marching Band. Fantastic!

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