Friday, February 12, 2010

Geography Fair Presentation Test

Today, we visited a teacher-friend's classroom of 5th graders to present about our trip last summer to Turkey. G2 wore her traditional dress and the boys wore their soccer kits. We spoke for close to 30 minutes and shared what was on the 18 notecards that I had prepared. We took questions and the twins did a very good job of sharing eagerly. The older brother was reserved and spoke well and directly to the questions also. I believe they will be ready for the home school geography/science fairs that occur in April and May. I also hope that they will prepare their own presentation from this example some time in the future. We'll see...

We look forward to the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies this evening at 8PM CT. Where will you be? Is Miga or Quatchi or Sumi your favorite Vancouver mascot?
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