Friday, February 5, 2010

Polar Habitat + Canada Geography Study + 2010 Winter Olympics =

A NOTEBOOK TO COVER THREE (3) curriculum goals at the same time!  (YES, I do have goals this year and printed them into the kids' planners to prove it!)  I used the Hands of a Child materials, inserted some Enchanted Learning graphics/ Venn diagrams AND a lapbook from GraceBoundBooks compiled along with Crayola geography pages about each Canadian Province to cover a country, the olympics and a habitat all in February.  All this Canadian culture came at the same time as SOTW3 chapter 4 about Champlain and Hudson in search of the Northwest Passage.  Otherwise, we'll move onto oceans habitat and oceanography in March with dreams of beaches, sand, sailing and swimming animal life (an odd dream for an Iowa farmgirl to have).

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gr8ful said...

Enjoyed reading parts of your Expeditions... blog. Very refreshing to note others' homeschooling experiences. It stirs the imagination. Looks like you are all enjoying the journey. Thanks for sharing.

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