Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Time in the Library's Juvenile Fiction Isle

I found and read Poppy last week just by chance. It was probably the reading level for my oldest child, but he is so busy with his regular reading for school, his multiplication of multiples is kicking his butt AND Bible quizzing for the AWANA competition. So, I had a quick read about the struggles of a field mouse and bad owl character.  I'm now reading a book that would be wonderful for my logic aged kids someday called Shakespeare Stealer.  I don't usually take time to read these days because there seems to be SO much more to do, but it is important to let them, them being the 3Gs, see me read.

I also drew some sketches from the opening ceremonies to demonstrate that there was some imagery that stuck in my brain. I will still ask them to sketch something. What do you remember from the ceremony?

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