Monday, May 17, 2010

Are Molecules Attracted by Charges?

"Adventures with Atoms and Molecules, book 1" by Mebane and Rybolt is written with a down-to-earth perspective. I wonder if they knew that a home-school mom, with a healthy love of science and maybe even chemistry, would be using it to teach her kids about charged molecules.  The experiment went off without a hitch and my kids had very few hang-ups about writing the lab sheet (they haven't been doing this task as often as we are directed). We talked it through and even explained the whole thing later to the nuclear engineer dad at the dinner table. Yippee for my kids at chemistry today and for Paige at Elemental Science who put the whole package together!

(spelling mistakes when whole-heartedly completing a lab sheet in second grade are allowed and encouraged if one is actually answering the questions oneself with one's own words.)

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