Friday, May 14, 2010

Last Artistic Pursuits Project

Officially, we finished Millet from the last chapter of the Artistic Pursuits book.  The assignment asked for a diorama. I pictured a painful ocean box with lots of blue for water and fish and other squiggly things. But, another idea from the crowd suggested the back yard. We look out at it from our "classroom" and it is pretty easy to break down into pieces that each person could work on by themselves. G3 took on the storage shed and compost bin. G2 did the fence all by herself, except for the part about gluing it to the base which took some folding magic.  G1 was in charge of the non-scalped tree and the greenery behind the tree. The twins took on the garden plot and hostas that surround it.  I think they also had the job of the boat and trailor too.  All in all, each learned lessons about teamwork, 3 dimensional work and scale of each piece.  The tree stood up with a corndog stick behind it. You can see the white fence thermometer that I got for Christmas last year. And you can see the green trash cans that have part of our raised garden in them. Soon, I'll post pictures of the real garden all planted and growing.

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Pylegang said...

Love your art project. This looks likes something my son would enjoy!

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