Sunday, May 2, 2010

AWANA and CBS End as Summer is right around the Corner

Last week AWANA ended and this week CBS meetings are ending. We will not see these people as much, but we are looking forward to a summer of swimming, reading, travel and friends (after all we are quite socialized). We will continue these activities in September, but for now, soccer on 4 nights a week and two games on Saturday is keeping us busy. The garden is also showing progress as we pick up our shopping list of native perennials at the Forest Preserve on Thursday and move in a cubic yard of drainage gravel up against the foundation of our house to improve drainage (mulch added atop as well).  The lessons continue as one child is moved into the guest room so that each have their own room.  My Gs grow and loose teeth (gain permanent teeth), and before you know it - they'll be graduated and off to college like our cousin later this month. Endings and beginnings...

P.S. and we pray for Gramma's shoulder to heal so we can see Great Britain WITH her.

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